Good for Everyone

  • High Protein

  • High Natural Fibers

  • Healthy Fat Profile

  • Good Source of Calcium

  • Low Sodium & Potassium

  • Low Phosphorus



SteadiPro is a nutrition product, designed specifically to provide safe compliance to consumers with chronic kidney disease or diabetes and any health-conscious individual. SteadiPro provides high-quality protein, complex dietary fibers + selective Prebiotics, and strategic minerals fortification utilizing all-natural ingredients without using any food additive or preservative, and it is manufactured at GMP & HACCP certified facility.



Explore an inspirational recipe, cooking with SteadiPro. In these episodes, we show you how to cook SteadiPro, a kidney safe meat-substitute product, in simple various dishes. These dishes will certainly make your day! Especially for those with Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD, no more lingering around just wishing you can have your food just like how you imagine it. These are good for those with Diabetes as well.