Our Product Development Criteria

Nutrinos’ nutrition science products being delivered to the marketplace must meet or exceed the following main criteria.

  • Nutrition Science Driven – We take every step necessary to meet international standard, there is no compromise on raw material quality, manufacturing procedure, preservation strategy and consumers’ safe compliance with the most recent and established guidelines from respectable international institutes.
  • Pleasing Experience Oriented – Our functional food products must taste better than consumers’ expectations
  • Real Life Experience Focused – We work with internationally certified and qualified laboratories to verify nutrition matrix and every quality perspective of our nutrition products before they leave factory door. Experience data are being collected periodically from sample target group of consumers to ensure all compliance and health benefits intended are delivered effectively and most importantly to ensure the safety of consumers with sensitive compliance

With the combined expertise from our nutrition scientists and professional food technologist we are able to deliver functional food products that are original and unique in taste and at the same time provide scientifically sound health benefits to our consumers.

How Modern Nutrition Science Benefits Our Lives

It is core value of Nutrinos to put decades of research data and the most modern scientific discovery into development of our nutrition science products.

  • Precision Driven – To achieve sustainable benefits for our consumer our food products must be able to satisfy both body and mind needs at the same time, modern nutrition science enable us to deliver those benefits more precisely and effectively without having to compromise taste and other experience perspectives
  • Scientifically Proven – It is more transparent for our consumers to distinguish between fact and belief, modern nutrition science shines the light into how medical treatment and long-term healthy dieting is really supposed to be
  • Longer & Happier Life – When our consumers can continue to eat healthily and happily, the better their body and mind can fight aging or any challenging medical treatment and therefore the longer they want to live with their family. Modern nutrition and sensory science give us the most effective approaches to achieve unimaginable results

As we combine modern scientific approaches with state of the art processing and manufacturing technologies, we are able to deliver nutrition science products that provide our consumers with pleasing and serene dietary experience with sustainable real-life health benefits.

Our Co-Founders

Nutrinos is our ultimate journey for better quality of life. Our passion is to see consumers overcoming complex health limitations and able to live their lives to the fullest again!

Peter Peracha Sararat
Peter Peracha SararatCEO / COO / Co-Founder
BSME. Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Expertise in complex business modeling & risk analysis, Startup business incubation, corporate and investment strategy.

Experience in international business management and expansion, new business model creation, investor relations, team building and management.

Watcharee Dissayabutr
Watcharee DissayabutrCRO / CMO / Co-Founder
MSC. Nutrition, Kings College London, England.

Expertise in research project management, clinical study and medical nutrition product R&D, pediatric and elderly nutrition.

Experience in Thai, US & international FDA codes, consumer healthcare business management and marketing in international markets.

Our Team

Our goal is to ensure that our consumers can experience freedom in dietary routine, for both body and mind.

Mayura Boonpipat
Mayura BoonpipatConsumer Activity Manager
Domestic retailers, brand activation and consumer activity management.

Expertise in retailer and customer relationship development, consumer & brand activation activity management.

Experience in organizing consumers activity, brand activation event and domestic retail channel development.

“If we can only deliver health benefits without great taste, it means nothing! If patients or consumers are not happy with the food they eat, it’s not a sustainable solution. At Nutrinos, we’re committed to delivering a complete happiness, not just food.”

Nutrinos, Research & Development Team


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Nutrition Science Meets Quality of Life

Our functional food products are being R&D from the ground up taking into account how modern nutrition and sensory science contribute to long-term quality of life