3 most common myths about diabetes

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Though Diabetes is one of the most common NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) with an estimate prevalence of 642 Million people with diabetes in 2040 globally, Many still have misconception about Diabetes. Let’s see … Most common myths about Diabetes and learn the fact!

Myth#1: Diabetes or high blood sugar is not that serious disease

Fact: Although diabetes itself is not immediate life threatening, poor control of diabetes causes serious complications including Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Stroke and Cardiovascular diseases. This lead to more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Good news is they can be avoided by having good diabetes control.

Myth#2: Only overweight or obesity, will develop type 2 diabetes

Fact: Overweight is not the only risk factor of diabetes. Genetics, lifestyle and aging process also play key roles. Even though you are a normal weight person, you can still develop diabetes due to other risk factors.

Myth#3: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes

Fact: Eating too much sugar may indirectly cause diabetes by contribution of weight gain as one of the major risk factors of diabetes. So it is healthy to avoid eating too much of table sugar, sweets and sweetened-beverage.

Author: Watcharee Dissayabutr; MSC. Nutrition, Kings College London
Source: American Diabetes Association (www.diabetes.org), Diabetesatlas.org

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